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Lead-based paint

Lead-based paint & EPA Renovate Right

Many homeowners do not know exactly how old their house is, or whether they need to be concerned with the possibility of finding lead-based paint during the course of the renovation project. Use of lead-based paint was outlawed in the United States in 1978. Additionally, EPA rules now require contractors working in older homes to obtain lead-based paint certification and follow certain procedures to contain and dispose of contaminated materials during construction. AJH Renovations is certified by the EPA to work on projects that have lead-based paint.

At the start of your project, we will direct you to the EPA’s “Renovate Right” booklet outlining what to do if lead-based paint is found in your home, and what our responsibilities are as your contractor. Next, we’ll do some research to determine how old your house is, and whether it needs to be tested. If it looks like your house was built prior to 1978, we will test various surfaces in the rooms to be renovated to determine if lead-based paint is present in your house. If the tests are negative, we will proceed with the project as usual.

If the tests are positive, we will alert you, and make a plan to properly handle the demolition of the areas containing lead-based paint. Our crew is trained to properly seal off the affected area. They will proceed with the lead-based paint demolition according to the EPA rules. Afterward, we’ll clean up the area and do a series of cloth tests to make sure the lead dust was properly cleaned from the site.

Whether your house has deeper issues like lead-based paint, or just needs a face-lift, rest assured that our many years remodeling old homes has equipped us to guide you and your house through the process.