The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right

The U. S. Congress prohibited lead additives to residential paint products in the United States from 1978 onward. This legislation is regulated and enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has issued mandatory testing and demolition procedures for the renovation of homes built prior to 1978. AJH Renovations, LLC is an EPA-certified lead-based paint demolition contractor, qualified both to test for and to remove lead-based paint elements in your home. Your project proposal will discuss the necessity of testing your home for lead-based paint as well as the estimated cost for lead-based paint demolition should its presence be detected. The results of this testing procedure will be posted to your Basecamp project forum. If lead-based paint is not present (a ‘negative’ test result), there will be no change to the budgeted demolition procedure. If a ‘positive’ test results, your project superintendent will discuss the extent of lead-based paint in your home and a change order will be issued for EPA-compliant demolition.

The attached PDF – the EPA’s Renovate Right booklet – describes the process of lead-based paint demolition in your home. Please read the booklet so that you are up to speed on what may be required during the demolition phase of the renovation project in your house. AJH Renovations, LLC will ask you to sign an affidavit prior to commencement of your project, acknowledging your receipt of the EPA booklet. This is in compliance with the record-keeping requirements stipulated by the EPA for all residential renovation contractors.

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