There is a plethora of good brands out there when it comes to making paint selections, but Sherwin-Williams is in the top tier.  Homeowners can get a boost choosing colors with programs like Color Visualizer or ColorSnap, or browse the Sherwin-Williams collection online and via their color wheel. To keep the choices from becoming overwhelming, AJH Renovations has also put together a brief overview of the main categories - neutrals, pastels, and vibrant colors - to start off the process.

Schluter Systems

AJH Renovations uses Schluter Tile Systems to insure that customers get the best possible tile job.  These are the products that form the foundation for your tile and keep it waterproof and resilient, meaning your showers, bathroom floors, and kitchens will stay nice longer.  For examples of how Schluter Systems supports different sorts of tile jobs, take a look at our photo gallery.