Something Uncommon


Something Uncommon

 From our founding in 2005, we have always worked to be more than an average builder.  Our focus on renovating rather than building new has lead us to seek out high quality products and innovative solutions for our clients.  Below are some of the products and innovations that give us our motto

Something Uncommon

Product: Schluter systems:  While getting the right color, pattern and layout for your tile is important, how the tile is laid is equally as important.  We use Schluter products under our tile to create a high-tech and water resistant foundation for your tile.  The underlayment also provides a secure backing to prevent tiles from cracking or popping loose giving your tile a longer life.

Something Uncommon:  Many of our clients want a tub and a shower in the master bathroom.  In several of our projects, we have made the most of the available floor space by combining the two into a luxurious spa-shower. 

Product:  Innovations Cabinetry:  One of our most popular products, we use Innovations Cabinetry in kitchens, bathrooms and even mud rooms.  These pre-finished cabinets are a great way to achieve a semi-custom kitchen with out the expense of a custom cabinet maker.  The cabinets come in variety of finishes and styles. 

Something Uncommon:  It seems like mercury glass is everywhere these days, and our kitchens are no exception.  We love the look of mercury glass in cupboard doors or used as a backsplash.

Product: Custom Cabinetry:  If you want a kitchen that is designed just for you, we recommend custom cabinetry.  One of our designers will put together the perfect plan to meet your needs whether it’s extra storage for your kitchen gear or a study spot for the kids.  We can customize everything from storage solutions to counter height.

Something Uncommon: We love to turn dead space under the stairs into something useful! A little desk tucked under the stairs just off the kitchen is the perfect place to drop the mail or supervise homework while you make dinner.

Many homeowners mix and match Innovations cabinetry with custom pieces to get the look and features they want in each room.  Some choose a custom kitchen, but use Innovations Cabinets in the bathrooms.  Others choose an Innovations kitchen but use custom storage in their laundry or mud room.  Ask our designers about the right solution for you!

Product:  Steel beams and engineered lumber:  Many people are impressed with our ability to provide open floor plans without any columns to support the ceiling and floors above.  We work with a structural engineer to design the best solution for open floor plans and other projects requiring a unique solution.  Oftentimes a steel beam can be used to bridge a larger span than regular joists will allow.  This lets us get rid of structural columns that can be difficult to decorate around, and offer you a truly open floor plan.

Something Uncommon: This steel beam will be used to open up a living room a post-war era house. We opened the galley kitchen to the living room without a support column in sight.

Product: Reclaimed Wood: When we pull wood out of old houses, we try to give it a new life instead of throwing it away. We love to use old wood for ship-lap accent walls, countertops and tables. Reclaimed wood is a great way to preserve the heritage of an older house while giving it a fresh look.

Something Uncommon: This kitchen has a coffered ceiling made with reclaimed wood. The hood vent is also made from old ceiling joists that have been smoothed and made just for this kitchen.

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